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Welcome to FadedSecrets please do not remove my tag off the graphics i made, please credit me if you take any of the items that i made. If something is not mine i will always credit the original owner if you would like to apply to be an affie please comment in the cbox or on the affiliates page under site if you go on Hiatus or decide to close your site down please let me know All graphics made by me unless stated otherwise, credits page is under Site


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General: tidy

Posted by Faded on 2018-10-13 20:18:32 UTC

Hey everyone sorry I havent updated in a while ive been a bit busy with personal stuff.

I have added 2 new pages

Decos - contains 1 Deco

Gradients - contains 10 gradients 

I have also deleted the Downloads page and moved all pages onto the resources page so nothing is missing.

I have also changed the content previews to make it a bit more tidier 

i will try to update more in a couple of days x

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